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 Published On November 05, 2015

At last

At last, I can blog, too.

It took a while, because I never found a blog engine I liked. Well, now I found one, called Jekyll. At it’s core, Jekyll is not really a blogging engine. I’d rather describe it as a file based CMS.

From their description, it is:

  • Simple
  • Static
  • Blog Aware

See their fantastic project if you are fed up with blog engines which are a security nightmare – Jekyll creates static files.

What to expect

Frankly, mainly posts about my current technical affection. As of the time of this writing, these are

  • MongoDB – The NoSQL database of my dreams. If set up and used correctly (more on this will the first series in this blog), it is extremely scalable, fast and reliable.
  • Go – Ever dreamt of a programming language with “batteries included”, garbage collected and compiling static binaries in native code? Here you have it. I found Go to be extremely useful for system administration tasks which need high performance and are easy to deploy.
  • Java – not much to say here
  • A broken search feature, at the moment – At the moment, I can not get it to run, sadly

However, since being an IT consultant is only one thing I am, it may well be that you will see recipes (I am an ambitioned hobby chef) or posts on whatever catches my attention as well.

Let’s talk

Please understand that I have to moderate the comments. But unless comments are extremely rude or simply spam, I will simply wave them through.

I am looking forward to hear comments about posts, probably even being corrected in case I do something wrong.

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